Sell up to 40% more records with your current Discogs inventory

Shipping costs are very high when purchasing records, especially when you buy records from different sellers across the globe. To solve this problem we list inventory of almost 100 Discogs sellers on our sales channels. Want to participate as well?

Free sign up How it works

How Does It Work?

You send us your Discogs inventory file

Please use the ‘Free sign up’ button to upload your file. We will make you an account straight away.

We collect orders for you

We sell your items on our website and in our Discogs account. Our customers order (lots of!) items from several sellers to lower shipping costs. We take care of all customer care.

You weekly ship all items in bulk to us

Depending on your location you ship to Amsterdam or to one of our partners. We ask for a 10% discount on the items to cover our Paypal and marketplace fees. We pay for the items and shipping costs via Paypal weekly.

We repack and distribute to our customers

We combine items from several sellers into one package. We ship to our customers and take care of all handling. Everyone benefits!


Check quickly if you can join the program.


  • How often do I upload my inventory?

    Please upload twice a week to keep the cancellation rate as low as possible. You can upload easily in your account.

  • Where do you sell our items?

    In VinylExpressBV on Discogs we combine inventory of USA sellers; in VeVinyl on Discogs our EU based sellers are combined. On both are shown.

  • An item was sold in my store or on my own Discogs account. Now what?

    If it’s a new order in your VinylExpress account, you can mark the item unavailable. If this happens too often you need to upload your inventory more often. Once you confirm a title and mark it available, please remove it from your own account and you physical store. We don’t cancel items after they were confirmed by you.

  • How do I stay updated about incoming orders?

    You receive a daily update about new orders and the status of exisiting orders?

  • Why do you ask for a 10% commission on the sales?

    We have to cover our expenses: marketplace fees (8%), paypal fees (3.5%) and packing materials. Expenses you would normally make yourself.

  • Is that dropshipping? That is not allowed on Discogs!

    Nope! We’re responsible for our inventory and we’re the actual seller of the items. We’re responsible for returns and refunds and you only communicate with us. Discogs took a great step to change their policies to allow this, since everyone benefits.

  • Do I need to discuss stuff with customers?

    No. We take care of all customer service.

  • What if a customer is unhappy with the item?

    We pay the refund; it’s our risk. Depending on the reasons and when this happens too often, we might need to shut down your account. We will do so when items were listed incorrectly

  • Do I have to send pictures upon request?

    We don’t do pictures. Just make sure your remarks are clear enough for our customers to understand anything special about the item.

  • Why are there items still in the ‘waiting for confirmation’ section?

    Our customers have 10 days to pay after invoice was sent



Record stores from across the globe are participating

currently almost 100 #1 seller on Discogs Recordsale (Germany) and (in inventory size #2) We're more than happy to connect you to them if you'd like to hear their story with us.